Parijata is a beautiful flowering tree that is believed to be of divine origin. Dear to Lord Krishna,

Parijata is also known as Kalpa-taru, the wish-fulfilling tree.

With a childhood immersed in stories from the Indian mythology, we grew up in awe of the many Gods, Goddesses and Rishis of the Indian pantheon and their powers. But as we grew up, with gradual exposure to spirituality, Indian philosophies, Indian astrology and the science of Yoga, we started seeing the many layers of meaning hidden behind these stories from our younger days. We couldn’t help but feel great pride in our heritage and roots!

Hence came into being our beloved brand PARIJATA, born to act as a key to invoke curiosity among those who are yet to uncover the treasures of our Indian roots and excite those who are already in love with it!

Our aim is to come out with fun clothing that is Art-inspired ….be it Indian art forms, mythology or culture! Each piece will be a collectable, as all our artwork is hand-drawn. Parijata is a piece of wearable art, that you can truly feel pride in!

We hope owning something from Parijata will give you as much joy as we derived while making it!